Outlawed and Dangerous? The Forbidden List

Ambrette seed oil
Angelica root oil
Bakul absolute
Basil absolute
Basil oil (estragole CT)
Basil oil (holy)
Basil oil (linalool CT)
Bay oil (West Indian)
Bergamot leaf oil
Bergamot peel oil (distilled)
Betel leaf oil
Birch tar oil
Black tea tree oil
Boldo leaf oil
Broom absolute
Cabreuva oil
Cade oil
Calamus oil
Cananga oil
Cangerana oil
Cardamon oil
Carnation absolute
Carrot seed oil
Cascarilla oil
Cassia oil
Cassie absolute
Cinnamon bark oil
Cinnamon leaf oil
Cistus oil
Citronella oil
Clary sage oil
Clove oil
Costus oil
Cumin oil
Davana oil
Elecampane oil
Elemi oil
Fenugreek oil
Fig leaf absolute
Galangal oil
Geranium oil
Ginger oil
Ginger lily absolute
Grapefruit peel oil
Ho leaf oil
Honey myrtle oil
Horseradish oil
Horsemint oil
Huon pine oil
Hyssop oil
Jasmine grandiflorum absolute
Jasmine sambac absolute
Karo karoundé absolute
Laurel leaf oil
Lemon balm oil (Australian)
Lemongrass oil
Lemon basil oil
Lemon leaf oil
Lemon myrtle oil
Lemon tea tree oil
Lemon peel oils
Lemon thyme oil
Lemon verbena oil
Lemon verbena absolute
Lime peel oil (expressed)
Lovage leaf oil
Mace oil
Mandarin leaf oil
Marjoram oil (sweet)
Massoia bark oil
May chang oil
Melissa oil
Mustard oil
Myrtle oil
Narcissus absolute
Nasturtium absolute
Nutmeg oil
Oakmoss absolute
Opoponax oil
Orange blossom oil
Orange blossom absolute
Orange leaf oil
Orange peel oil (bitter)
Orange peel oil (sweet)
Oregano oil
Palmarosa oil
Peppermint oil
Perilla oil
Peru balsam oil
Phoebe oil
Pimento berry oil
Pimento leaf oil
Pteronia oil
Rose absolute
Rose oil
Rue oil
Sandalwood oil (Australian)
Santolina oil
Sassafras oil
Savin oil
Savory oil (winter)
Snakeroot oil
Spearmint oil
Spike lavender oil
Styrax oil
Sugandha oil
Taget oil
Taget absolute
Tarragon oil
Tea leaf absolute
Tejpat oil
Thyme oil (thymol CT)
Tolu balsam extract
Treemoss absolute
Tuberose absolute
Vassoura oil
Violet leaf absolute
Wormseed oil
Ylang‐ylang absolute
Ylang‐ylang oils
Essential oils containing “substantial amounts” of limonene or linalool should have antioxidants added to them. IFRA does not define “substantial amounts”, but adding essential oils containing 20% or more of either or both constituents to this list would grow it by 50‐60 further essential oils. Essential oils derived from the Pinacea family should also have antioxidants added to them. This would include a further 25 or so essential oils.

*Source: IFRA/EU Boycott Primer 2007 & Olfactarama

Source: IFRA/EU Boycott Primer 2007 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved Natural Perfumers Guild http://www.naturalperfumers.com/IFRA_EU_boycott_primer.pdf