Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goodbye, goodbye, and...hello????

Ladies, gentlemen and fellow perfumoholics...I have an announcement.

Scent Less Sensibilities more. Since I began this blog over a year ago, I've had so many issues with posting to Blogger - even having all four of my blogs hacked - that I've taken the plunge and moved to Wordpress. I do mean...MOVED...every blog post you know and have loved - or not - can be found there, too!

No worries - I shall continue to explore my own idiosyncratic perspectives on Planet Perfume, just in rather more ...upgraded surroundings!

Henceforward, you can find me here:

The Alembicated Genie

It's all ready to go and with a brand new review of a brand new Aroma M perfume - Maria McElroy's first since 2005!

If you link to me, please update your links on your blogroll, and if you subscribe, just cancel your subscription and follow me on Wordpress.

I can promise you this - there are many, many more wonders in store!

Shall I see you there? ;-)